Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer, part 1

ah, summer. finally the last couple days we've gotten the heat of's been 104 or so the last few's a little glimpse of the things we've done over the first few weeks of summer.

since mom and dad half-moved to sebastopol, we've gotten to make it to the beach quite a bit more. which we all really like. we brought along our dear friends, on this trip, janelle, gio and octavia. we had a great time there, at salmon creek state beach. a beautiful sunny day, a touch windy, but nice, even though.

this is ryland and brad playing cat and mouse, putting, (like the game HORSE). ry has a knack for making some amazing shots off the hearth. golf is huge around here these days. for father's day, ryland and brad got tickets (thank you, work!) to the US OPEN!!! quite a treat for the two of them...

i just realized, you can't tell what they are looking at (a deer, at the folsom zoo), so they look like a couple of monkeys at the zoo, which is appropriate since that is a favorite sound of selah's these days....

great advancements...

so, selah, turned two (may 14) and ry graduated from kindergarten (may 27)...great advancements in the davii house. they are both really great together (see how studious they are together!?) and love to play and harass each other and their mother.

birthday cupcakes. she really did like it. really.

i love this shot of them. selah in her tutu playing with a princess castle and ry golfing. they are playing together!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

San Diego

last weekend, i drove ry, nana, and popi down to san diego so that we could see malia and zoe in their school play. this is a picture of their front yard. going to my sister's house is pretty great. when we go there, we get to do things like have bloody marys before heading to the neighborhood little league pancake breakfast. ry gets to play bocce ball on their bocce ball court while mom checks out the fig trees in the upper half of their half acre. dad swings on the tree swing as my sister visits with her dear friend and dear neighbor. and of course we get to go to the beach.

and ry gets to play frisbee, and football with popi.

and chase the waves.

do the neices get any cuter than these two?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Year, trying to start blogging again...

Okay, so I know that it is March and not really the New Year anymore. And what, with Facebook to keep up with, and all the holidays and just plain life happening....well, that's my excuse anyway. My lack of posting is not due to lack of material. ryland and selah never stop giving me good material, vocally, emotionally, pictorially. most every day i look at them and think they grew the night before, in body, character, and spirit.

So as I can, I may post some pics and info from the last six months, however, for the sake of me not getting overwhelmed, I will start with the Here and Now!

The video below was taken on the way to my grandpa's memorial (2/25). A bit of sunshine and joy during a time when we all need it! Both of the kiddos love to dance, love music. Brad says it's because they are native...that they are born with a song in their heart. like the penguins, i say. :)

As I was looking back on earlier posts, I noticed that this helmet made an appearance before! Only it was on Ryland. Now, Selah enjoys wearing it! She is definitely a girly-girl...loves wearing a tutu, carrying a purse, admiring dresses...but she also loves wrestling with ryland and wearing his football helmet! Another note on this pic is that she walks now! It was a journey, but she started walking at about 19 1/2 months - just after Thanksgiving. Thank goodness! This little one was a late walker, but now she is a runner!

Ry is almost finished with Kindergarten! only about 2 1/2 more months! I can hardly believe it! This pic is a self portrait taken at a play: "Alexander and the horrible, no good, very bad day". It was such a fun field trip!

Valentine's Day! I heart U Peeps for breakfast!

We are finally getting to play outside a little more!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Drake's Beach

A couple months ago, my friend Mandy and I took the kids (sans Paige) to Drake's Beach for the day. My family has been going to the beach for years. Almost always on Mother's Day and whenever else we can. It holds a special place in my heart and memories. It was such a great day. I didn't have my camera, but I did have the video camera and captured this great video. Selah just makes me smile and laugh. Mandy brought her Canon Rebel so whenever I am able to snag those pics (they are GREAT!) I will. Or, you could go find them on her blog at Look in her July archives. Anyway, what a wonderful day at the beach, followed up by the tradition visit to Taco Bell at Cordelia Junction. Happy and tired at the end of this storybook day.

Energy and Joy

I just downloaded a bunch of video from our video camera. Here is a video from Jalama beach, back in July. I love the sheer joy on Ry's face. And the energy. Oh, to have the energy. He had already been doing this for some time when i took this video.


Over Labor day weekend, we were invited on an impromptu overnight stay at the Dyce's cabin (Heilners)... It was a great time and so nice to beat the valley heat!

Ryland and Colby played in the river for several hours on Saturday!