Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer, part 1

ah, summer. finally the last couple days we've gotten the heat of's been 104 or so the last few's a little glimpse of the things we've done over the first few weeks of summer.

since mom and dad half-moved to sebastopol, we've gotten to make it to the beach quite a bit more. which we all really like. we brought along our dear friends, on this trip, janelle, gio and octavia. we had a great time there, at salmon creek state beach. a beautiful sunny day, a touch windy, but nice, even though.

this is ryland and brad playing cat and mouse, putting, (like the game HORSE). ry has a knack for making some amazing shots off the hearth. golf is huge around here these days. for father's day, ryland and brad got tickets (thank you, work!) to the US OPEN!!! quite a treat for the two of them...

i just realized, you can't tell what they are looking at (a deer, at the folsom zoo), so they look like a couple of monkeys at the zoo, which is appropriate since that is a favorite sound of selah's these days....

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