Thursday, August 20, 2009

Birthday Boy

5 years, quite the milestone. The whole hand. He is one amazing little man who I often think is much to old to be only 5. Five years ago that our lives changed dramatically. That his shiny spirit burst into the world ready to find all it had to offer him. He has embraced our world, bettered our world, with his charm, his smile, his humor, his love. Love you, my baby, my Ry -Guy.

For Ryland's birthday this year, we had a small pool party at our community clubhouse. I don't have many pics of it yet, just because iI wasn't the one taking the pictures, and I haven't gotten them from my friend yet. But i will try and post them when I do...

Ry started school this week and the class mascot goes home with a child every day. Surprise! We just happened to get him on Ry's birthday! :)

I know it is blurry, but my stinkin' camera can't seem to capture her smiles NOT blurry. hmmm. i HAVE to figure that one out. how cute is she?


Ryland started his first organized sport. Soccer. Yay! He loves it, and is quite comfortable. maybe too comfortable - kind of a little troublemaker sometimes! But it's been really fun to watch and we start games next month so I will keep you updated!

Selah Bear

This picture cracks me up. She already really likes to look at books. But, I don't know if you can tell, but she hangs her pacifier out the side of her mouth. It reminds me of how people hang cigarettes out the side of their mouths... she's just relaxin', readin', and chewin' on that paci. :)

First Day of School

This week was huge for The Davii. Ryland started school, Monday, August 10. Kindergarten. My baby started kindergarten. He started soccer on Tuesday. Turned 5 on Wednesday. The whole hand, as he puts it.

He did great. I think he was a touch nervous, or maybe that was me.


Lately, Ryland has had this strange but helpful fascination with doing laundry. "I really love doing the laundry," he says. Which is great for me...he loves to change the load (saves my back!) pour the soap, push the buttons and then sit and watch it work. The other day he said, "Don't do any more laundry until I get home from school!" He even ate dinner one night sitting in front of the washer (no, this picture was NOT staged)! He will make some woman very happy one day!